Bruce Barnett

With a 20 Grand Kelso

With Bruce Barnett holding a Mug

With Bruce Barnett Holding a Mug

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  1. Rich Amaral says:

    All you guys should be very proud of yourselves. When people say you hit the nail on the head , you guys did… You have some of the beautiful looking gamefowl i have ever seen. Even though i am new to gamefowl,I have been doing a lot of information searching online and what ever reading materials i can get my hands on. I hope someday i can get some birds that look half as good as yours. congradulations on a job very well done!

  2. Rudi hartono says:

    I really like fighting cocks, and wanted to have it but it is as hard to get your pet because of the complexity of the import business between the countries, I live in Indonesia

    • Zek Kelley says:

      We ship brood fowl and if you could import from the Philippines then there wouldn’t be a problem getting them to you.

  3. albert says:

    Hi.How much would a dozen of egg be shipped to kentucky ? and also what would a brood stag cost shipped ?

    • Zek Kelley says:

      A dozen eggs are $150 plus $25 priority mail shipping. A 2011 brood stag is $300 plus $50 shipping to Kentucky.

  4. noe mendoza says:

    how is it going? Very good looking Sweaters. how much dose a picked out trio cost. i live in Perris California

    • Zek Kelley says:

      Thanks. A 1 year old Sweater trio is $750 and a 2 year old trio is $1000. Shipping to California for the trio is $150.

  5. Rhodel says:

    I am interested in your mug….especially the Jetblack, how much for the trio shipped to the Philippines? and do you also shipped eggs, if ever how much it will cost me and where will I pay? Thank you very much and more power

    • Zek Kelley says:

      A solid black Mug 1 year old trio is $1000 whereas a 2 year old solid black Mug trio is $1200. Shipping to the Philippines is $540. As for eggs, we don’t normally ship them internationally but if you wanted to include them with a trio then they could be included within one of the boxes; they would cost $150. Payment can be through Western Union, Moneygram, or Paypal (plus an extra 3.9% for their international fees).

  6. jose madrid II says:

    sir, how much is a dozen eggs??..can the eggs be of different pure bloodlines??..and it is possible for shipping here in the philippines??..thank you sir…

    • Zek Kelley says:

      A dozen eggs are $150 plus shipping, yes they can be of different pure bloodlines, and, no, we don’t normally ship eggs internationally.

  7. Saul Gamino says:

    are the murphys a lot better than all youre other breeds,why dont you sell them in the US.

    • Zek Kelley says:

      The Murphys aren’t necessarily better than other breeds – it’s just that different breeds are good in different ways. They’re not sold in the US because a promise was made to Mr. Carl Smith not to do so.

  8. Antonio says:

    how much for the trio of sweaters plus shipped to mexico

  9. jeremy says:

    Hey Mr.Kelly just wondering do you guys sell baby chicks and if u guys do how much and what is the percentage of eggs being shipped and hatching

    • Zek Kelley says:

      I’m sorry but we don’t sell baby chicks. Eggs, which should become readily available in February, have excellent hatch-rates and are $150 a dozen plus $25 priority mail shipping.

  10. jeremy says:

    Ok sounds good what about a rooster 2years of age would u guys sell one too me and how much if not I understand its no problom.

  11. jeremy says:

    Really interested in the read black face mug

  12. jeremy says:

    Or blue with black face

    • Zek Kelley says:

      For either the blue Mug with the black face or the brown red Mug with the black face, a 2 year-old rooster is $400 and a 1 year-old rooster is $300. Shipping is $60.

  13. jeremy says:

    Ok which of the mugs r for sale from the pics u have under mugs pictures

  14. jeremy says:

    I’m really liking.number 1 if he is avalible I wanna buy him

    • Zek Kelley says:

      None of the roosters with pictures on the website right now are available; once they’re posted people request them just like you’re doing and they go pretty quickly. Others are available, though… If you want to, you could call 1 205 477-6640 and talk about what’s available in depth.

  15. jeremy says:

    Ok that sounds fine let never everything together and I sure will be calling u guys thank

  16. jeremy says:

    Gater everything together

  17. Ramil says:

    you’ve got very beautiful gamecocks!… Its just now that I see this kinds of colors!… I love the Mug #3 cock!… he’s very handsome!…

  18. jeremy says:

    How’s it going Mr Kelly I got a trio of mugs from u guys and only one chickin has had chick and the other one is laying and eggs r firtal but nothing if u can give any advice it would be help full thanks

  19. manuel says:

    How much would a mug trio be? Like about 1 year old sent to california

    • Zek Kelley says:

      I’m sorry for the slow response Manuel but there was a problem with messages on the site… Anyway, a year old Mug trio is $750 plus $150 for shipping to California.

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